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Arts Search (CNet)

Arts Search

Author Search (Awesome Library)

Bible Search Engines (Awesome Library)

Biographical Encylopedia Search (Cambridge)

Black Facts Online

Books Online Search (Ockerbloom)

Broadband Speed (Look up at what speed you're moving at Internet Frog)

Business - EDGAR Database of Corporate Information (SEC Filings)

Chemistry Search Engine - High School Level (Bishop, Shih, and Adeboji)

Company Finder (

Countries - Search Engines by Country (Search Engine Colossus)


Education Search Engine (Education Planet)

English - Dictionaries - Multiple Search

English - Words That Rhyme Search (

Family Safe Search Engine (

Financial - Scholarship Search (Free)

Legal - US Supreme Court Decisions (FindLaw)

Legal Search Engine - LawCrawler (Courtesy of EdLaw)

Lesson Plans (MrDonn)

Library Search Engines (Internet Oracle)

Math Search Engine (Math Forum)

Math and Science Resources Search (Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)

Medical Directories and Search Engines (Awesome Library)

News Search Engines (Awesome Library)

Patents Search (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
Since 1790

Poetry Search (Electronic Poetry Center - Glazier)

Space Exploration Search (NASA)

Sports Search (CNet)

Trademarks and Patents Search (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office)

Vocational Education - National Center for Research in Vocational Education Search

Webpage - Who owns it? Look it up at Internet Frog

Women's Issues - 1830 - 1930 (Dublin and Sklar)